Synergy SIS Schedule Maintenance

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Key topics covered include:

  1. Overview of Manual Scheduling
  2. District/School Course
    2.1. Opt-in options
  3. Adding/Editing/Deleting Sections
    3.1. Duplicating Sections
    3.2. Possible Property Override Feature of automatically populating Attendance and
    Grade Book options
  4. Using the student screen for Schedule Maintenance
    4.1. Locating a Student during the school day
    4.2. Viewing/printing current schedule
    4.3. Adding single/multiple classes to a student’s schedule
    4.4. Dropping courses from a Student’s schedule
  5. Using the Student Classes Screen for Schedule Maintenance
    5.1. Viewing/printing a current schedule
    5.2. Adding singe/multiple courses to a schedule
    5.3. Dropping and view dropped classes
  6. Using the Section screen for schedule maintenance
    6.1. Viewing students currently enrolled in a section
    6.2. Adding/Dropping students to a section
    6.3. Viewing a list of students previously enrolled in a section
    6.4. Printing a class roster for a section
  7. Assigning Multiple students to sections
    7.1. Assign students to sections
    7.2. Replacing section assignments
    7.2.1. Copy students from one section to another
    7.2.2. Assign students to sections with specific IDs
    7.3. Assigning sections in bulk to groups of students
    7.3.1. Class Assignment screen
  8. Adding enter dates to existing sections
  9. Walk In Schedule Screen for Schedule Maintenance
    9.1. Overview/Purpose
    9.2. School Scheduling Options
    9.3. Quick Placement
    9.4. Viewing and Adding course requests
    9.5. Viewing and analyzing course scheduling results for a student
    9.6. Viewing and printing a student’s current schedule
  10. Reports
    10.1. MST406 – open period report