Synergy SIS Query

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Relational Database Concept –
Synergy Reports Guide (includes a list of all available reports)

Key topics covered include:

  1. Overview of Query and Expected Outcomes
  2. Using Find Mode to Create a Matrix
    2.1. Using an asterisk, drop down for selection, checkbox values
    2.2. Using the Query Results
    2.2.1. Printing Query as a Report Selecting an Output Type
    2.2.2. Create/View as a Chart
  3. Creating a Query from Matrix Data
    3.1. Using Find Mode and opening in Query
    3.1.1. Naming, Output Type, Orientation
    3.1.2. Executing
    3.1.3. Saving Query
    3.1.4. Saving a Query as a Report
  4. Basic Query
    4.1. Customizing Query Output
    4.1.1.Using Label Override, Order, Width, Hide, Group Properties, Break, Display
    Type, Aggregate
    4.1.2. Changing Student Name Format
    4.1.3. Adding a Condition
    4.1.4. Using the Sort Tab
    4.2. Type In Query Tab
    4.2.1. Modifying a Condition
    4.3. Creating Labels Using Query
    4.3.1. Adding Literals to a Label
  5. Managing Queries
    5.1. Opening a Saved Query
    5.2. Deleting a Query
    5.3. Sharing a Query with Other Users
    5.4. Managing Public Queries
    5.5. Approving or Rejecting Nominated Queries