Synergy SIS Period Attendance

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Key topics covered include:

  1. Overview of Attendance and Expected Outcomes
  2. Implementation Considerations
    2.1. Attendance/Tardy Codes: State/Letters/TVUE/AdminVUE
    2.2. How to record and categorize absences
    2.3. How to notify parents of a student’s absence
  3. TeacherVUE Attendance
    3.1. Demonstration of how teachers take attendance and/or lunch counts
  4. Attendance Taken Summary
    4.1. Filter Options
    4.2. Review of Icons
    4.2.1. Sending all Teachers Reminder Emails(ATD806)
    4.2.2.Sending Individual Teacher Reminder Emails
  5. Verifying Attendance
    5.1.Attendance Verification Screen
  6. Class Daily Attendance
    6.1. Viewing/Editing Class Daily Attendance
  7. Class Period Attendance
    7.1. Viewing/Editing Class Period Attendance
  8. Course Attendance
    8.1. Viewing/Editing Course Attendance
  9. Daily Attendance
    9.1. Viewing/Editing Daily Attendance (By Student)
  10. Period Attendance
    10.1. Viewing/Editing Period Attendance (By Student)
  11. Mass Change Attendance/Mass Change Definition
    11.1. Creating/Copying Mass Change Attendance Definition
    11.2. Changing Multiple Students’ Attendance
    11.2.1. Changing Period/Daily Attendance Changing All Day Code Selecting Student Filter Criteria Absence Amount Definition Scheduling
  12. Attendance Letters
    12.1. Overview
  13. Other Attendance Reports
    13.1. ATD405 – Daily Perfect Attendance List
    13.2. ATD407 – End of Year Attendance List
    13.3. ATP409 – Period Absence Count